Many of you know me as "Dr. Sal" as I am a frequent visitor and contributor to the web page, a long-term "Belizeophile" (23 years!), and Marty can vouch for my veracity. For any of you that may be interested, and please know that this is NOT a scam, after 25 years experience in the oil exploration business I've started my own company here in Kansas that puts together prospects for drilling for oil (which currently is going for $30 a barrel). Rather than go "public" with issuing stocks (who wants to do that!), instead we (my company, Mid-America Resources LLC, a company formed and licensed in Kansas) seek one-time or preferably, long-term, serious investors (partners)in deals for oil drilling. If you're interested, drop me a line at [email protected] and I'll explain how the "invest-in-oil wells-business" works. This is NOT a scam, and I am NOT a "fly-by-night" huckster: just ask Marty. My interest is in finding oil to make money, and our investment deals are designed so that investors pay a proportionate share of drilling and completion costs, and in turn, they receive that proportionate share of revenue if the wells hit.

Dr. Sal
(Dr. Sal Mazzullo)