Belize camper I take offense to what you said I have a good life, travel to Belize each month I like san Pedro, do not like everything, but I am a big boy and know there is nothing perfect, I own the largest cruise agency in the north east we sell 36,000 people a year I have 60 wonderful people work for me I can travel anywhere in the world for free I have 6millon air miles .own 3 houses, lots time to have fun, life is so short, get over your time in Belize if you did not like it go on .I like the message board like the info like the nice folks .I never thought it as a guaranteed info center with a double your money back if you do not like san Pedro .or Belize took there comments to be helpful what happen to you that got you so angry with Belize I like to fish ,eat good food ,make new friends snorkel ,and sleep ,I do all of that in san Pedro it makes me warm and fuzzy and look forward to going back each month ,but some people can not do that so they share there thoughts with others to keep the dream alive till they get back you sound so bitter take a happy pill you will feel better good luck to you in your future travel plans chill

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