(Marty can I say suck on your site?)
Lets define it
The English origins of Words says,..
SUCK (suk) vt 1. To draw into the mouth by means a partial vacuum created by action of the lips and tongue. 2. To draw in or take up in a manner resembling this; inhale; absorb: The sponge sucked the water up. 3. To draw liquid or nourishment from with the mouth. 4. To take into and hold in the mouth. 5. To consume by licking, or by holding in the mouth: to suck candy. 6. To bring to a specified state or condition by sucking: He sucked the lemon dry.
7. I canít do business on the Internet because BTL is Sucking.

If The Readers Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary defines it this way ,can we?

Elbert Greer