Thx, It has been a long week, The arm bone is no longer connected to the shoulder bone. eek doc said they do not set this type break in surgery anymore, it was not working well, bone splintering or something, I was just as relieved to hear that anyway. I am just immobilized. frown Doc also said I can still play hide & seek but I cannot be “it” anymore. Damn rough lil kids. I need adult protective services! David can sometimes be impatient with me so I have told him that doc’s orders say that if I want to heal correctly, I CANNOT :rolleyes: under any circumstances 1. carry a laundry basket 2. lift heavy trash bags. 3. push vacuum cleaner. 4. push grocery carts or carry bags from car to house. This list can get longer if I am not pampered.
Bye all, this took me all morning so I will have to be a lurker for awhile.