A friend of mine is one of the Cuban doctors sent to Belize on a humanitarian aid mission. He is the only doctor for the men's prison. Its a discouraging job at best. He spends all day sewing up stab wounds, doing minor surgeries and trying to treat every ailment you could think of, from infections to killer diahreah. All of this, with little or no medicine. So, I went thru my medicine cabinet and gave him anything I could.
Here is a partial list of what he needs.
ANY antibiotics, pain killers, anti-inflammatories, even the ends of prescriptions, partial prescriptions, in the original prescription bottles so he can see the miligrams and dosage.
Over the counter drugs like: triple antibiotic creams, anti fungal creams, hydrocortisone creams
Anti-daihreah medicines like imodium or kaopectate
Gauze bandages
medical tape
ace bandages

Things that can only come from a doctor:

I'll try to find a drop off point in San Pedro, or the medicine could be put in a package with my name on it and left at your hotel front desk (if you're not too far north) and I'll get it picked up.

I know this is really off the normal tourism subject, but I hate to see someone work so hard trying to help, without the proper resources. I really dont want this thread to turn into a discussion of what the Belize government should or shouldnt do, because we all know that Hattieville is probably one of the worst prisons in Central America, and we all know what should be done, and it isnt being done. So, if you can help in any way, please contact me.
[email protected] (International) 011-501-206-0206 or from within Belize 206-0206.