Hey Dan'l.....doing ok, Thanks. smile
Chuckle at the jokes. I did read them. laugh laugh And, this one is for you. smile You do the trick. Hello to the Boop too ! Tis a good thing they lifted the Canadian ban. ( wearing mask ) This board is contagious @ times. eek

I can be an ONLY CHICK. Dixie's need a dispenser.
Those gals did get into a big mess for 15 words.
I must give them some credit, they do stick together.
Maybe they meant to say 'amused' instead of 'ashamed'?! Ya know, like condiment/compliment?!

Now, lemme think, klc just loves a gooooooood amusement. See, it was supposed to be amuse. wink

The sun is shining and it is 34 NY degrees !!
Packing my bags. cool