Hi Ny,

I've been meaning to post a message to you for a while. I just got out of a cast on Monday..after 9 weeks (yippee) I had 2 screws put in to reattach my heal and achillies tendon.
I tripped on a floor mat & broke my heal (don't ask me how...i fell forward). Thats not funny in itself...but guess where i did it (i don't admit this often) at a liquor store....yikes....they freaked out & gave me my 2 bottles of wine for free (wasn't that nice... cool ) i guess they were afraid i'd sue....but i'm not the kind of person who would do that..over my own clumsyness.
After 3 weeks i came back to work (our office is upstairs) and i had to come up on my rear....yes one step at a time on my butt....i was mortified that other people in the complex would see me....i got over that quickly & soon started charging admission....ok...maybe not.

Anyways...just letting you know you are not alone...i can relate to your struggle & hope you get back on your feet soon!! Yippee for physical therapy....ugh!!