YIKES, you sure have had a rough time too. I can feel what you've been through and still have to gain. It sure sucks.
I know my Physical Therapist mentions the achillies tendon stretches I still have to do.

OMG, what keeps people sane and/or pain free?
It sure is a struggle, not only the physical part, but the stares ! I cannot begin to remember how many people say, "what happened"?
It makes me want to say, "nothing, why?"

I work with the physically and mentally challenged and my employer will not let me work with a cast, go figure ! ( I really haven't been ready to work a full day anyway. )

I know where you are with all of this and THANK YOU for thinking of me, as I will you.

You poor thing, at a liquor store. That is not funny but is tooooo funny, sorry. laugh

Laughter is good medicine, no matter what some think. wink