Thanks for the wishes an glad I can share my stories! I still feel bad today and had to leave school (my nursing instructor told me I had a heart murmer...I heard the swishing too) to see the doc however I dont have one so I went to the walk in place where I get my malaria pills. THat doc is friends with the chief justice of Belize! Well he was worried about a pulmonary embolism so I had a partial work up but he kept insisting I said I had chest pain.....duh ...I did not say that, but even at the xray place they asked again where was the pain exactly. I was getting annoyed that no one was paying attention to the fact that there was no pain! It was so obvious that my pulse was bounding, my little paper gown was dancing to my heart rythm as I lay on the table but that was of no concern to anyone! So I go back next week to have an echo done by a real doc....a cardiologist! I think it must just be anxiety and dread of being back in the states! Hahahahahaha! Oh well what can ya do? I admitt I have lost total interest in school and at this point am not sure where I am going! If I knew that that young man in Belize could pay off my debt, I just might agree to be that daughter in law after bank or bill collector here will take corn as a trade off thats for sure!