My wife and I will be making our first trip to AC/Belize and staying at Captain Morgan's for a week (June 8-15). This is a general relaxation vacation with some snorkeling, drinking, hammock napping, etc and there will probably be 2 days when we really plan to do nothing but relax around the hotel.

I'm wondering if bringing my own tackle is worth the aggravation of traveling with tackle. I plan to get at least 2 guided trips while I'm there but am wondering what the odds are of stepping out of my room and seeing a pod of bonefish mudding 60 feet from shore ... or cudas/jacks/snappers hanging around the piers ... or renting a kayak and paddling to the flats/reefs/mangroves ... laugh . What would be the likeliest opportunity/species. Or is this all wishfull thinking and I should just plan on ordering beers from my hammock on lazy days and making most of my guided fishing trips?

Here's what I might bring (some yet to be purchased):
2 fly rods (7 and 9 wt)
2 spinners (light for jigs/grubs and medium for plugs and heavier jigs)

What would you leave at home and what would you bring?

Please set some realistic expectations ... I'm very much the "would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it" type but I can be reigned in by voices of reason.