Thanks for the encouragement guys (my wife may differ in opinion though).

Mel, were you peaking in my tackle box? I just bought a bunch of YoZuri's Saturday at Outdoor World. It's taking all the willpower I can muster to not eat them myself ... hope the fish feel the same way. Outdoor World had an awesome deal on packages of 4 Yo plugs for $15 ... so I got 2 of 'em! $60 worth of plugs for $30 eek smile . Good selection ... pretty well covers the water column. I need another spinning rod for some of these though as my current 3 piece spinning rod (shimano) one is only rated up to 1/2 oz -- so how good a deal were those plugs afterall wink .

I also got some of the new SW Rat-L-Traps red/white, chart/chrome, and pink/chrome. I also got some millies jigs kits (5 jigs in each kit --got 2 of those kits) and some other regular white bucktails (1/4 and 1/2 oz) and well as some 4" grubs.

Now I'm tying up a bunch of crazy charlies ... had plenty of clousers and merkins from a previous trip to the keys. Bought some deceivers and poppers at outdoor world also.

The other rod I "need" wink to get is a 4pc 7 weight ... I just don't like traveling with 2 piece fly rods.

Can you tell I'm getting excited about this vacation? laugh