Welcome back to the States CaptJeff ! Though sometimes one would rather stay on the isle or even on the mainland of Belize. Sounds like a good fishing report, you missed your calling Jeff, you should have been a fishing-colmunist. With all those damned winds down there, were you using natural-bait, or big-'ole jigs tipped with curly plastic tails ? It is always interesting to see what people use down there. Our experimental lures these days have been yo-zuris here in the ozarks. the large mouth bass smash these things like smoked steaks off the grill! Did you try these yet in Belize ? we are really hyped up to go back in three weeks. Hopefully, I will be able to meet someone from this website. i have only seen people on a screen only. Thanks for the reply.........best-wishes, mel s.

Mel Sinderman