Hey Rivershark! Yep, I made it back from Utila. It was a great vacation although quite different from San Pedro. For me, the getting there was not fun- San Pedro Sula, La Ceiba, Roatan, Utila. (It really helps if you can speak and understand Spanish for this part of the trip.) The diving was beautiful with lots of different environments- wrecks, walls, canyons... It is also very inexpensive. I actually returned home with money!!! Beer was less than $1 and a good (dinner) meal was about $5. If you decide to go, you're welcome to ask me questions. (It's very hard to find information on the web.) I have a trip report on the rodale's message board- view trip reports, bay islands, MsCoconuts- if you want the details of the trip. Can you guess where i got the name for my new kitty?