That's the worse thing about it. When i finally realized they were boarding my flight, i just jumped up, ran to the gate and didn't even say good-bye to my new Honduran friend! I hope her daughter is OK, but who knows... We got a good view of Roatan as we flew over. I'm not sure where your place is Andrea, but the beaches looked beautiful. And the reef within easy swimming distance from shore. I'm sure you guys will love it and they have a direct flight from Houston or Miami into Roatan!

Chris, i heard people complain about the internet rates, but i always stay far away from any computers (Unless it's my dive computer) during my vacations so i'm not sure of the exact cost. There is not a shortage of internet cafes- at least three and my diveshop had a access as well.

River, I've heard a lot of good things about Laguna Beach Resort. It's not in town so it will have a good secluded feeling and has it's own dive shop. I saw the boat once. It looked nice. On the small side. There were perhaps four divers.

Barring a major catastrophy, i'll be there in May as well. Got to find me one of those whale sharks!