(First, a note of sincere apology from the Big, Fat Losah posting this email to all the 2003 Turkey Day crawlers...)


I suck.
I aspire to suck less moving forward.

I recognize that I haven't returned emails since pretty much the beginning of time. I'm hoping that a nice cold Belikin's later this year with a dirty limerick chaser will be enough to begin repairs on that account. If not, maybe two Belikins, a limerick and a shared bottle of One Barrel will do the trick. At any rate, I truly am sorry, and hope to be available (barring strike duty--a whole 'nother story) for the remainder of the year. PLEASE, please forgive me!

On the upside, I went American Airlines Platinum by MARCH. (Of course, now that I can fly first class, about all AA's offering on the amenities front are Happy Meals and bad wine by the overflowing thimbleful).


I wanna do a nice long stay in BZ end o' Nov/top of Dec. Will do AC over Thanksgiving if the crawlers and lotsa new friends will be there...otherwise, will likely do AC more like 11/28-12/4 and will look to terrorize a new group of as of yet uninitiated.

Whose going where when!?! I owe alot of folks a beer!!!!!


PS: Would you believe... 'cuz of the sheer number of parrot head friends desiring beach side nuptuals, I'm now officially ordained!!! (Yepper, it's quite the spectacle to behold!) As such, and for future reference, please revently refer to me as "Oh Wondrous Goddess of the Holey Tank Top." ;-)

Miss you all!!!