FYI here is a recent reader report on Barnacle Bill's in Maya Beach (Placencia).

--Lan Sluder


My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Belize, including a 5 night stay at Barnacle Bill's Beach Bungalows in Maya Beach. I know you have been recommending Barnacle Bill's -- your
comments and those on your website from travelers helped us select it. I just want to second the motion -- it was perfect!

I could write a 100-point list of things we loved about BBs: The cabins were immaculate; the kicthen had plenty of clean/new pots and pans and untensils; there's free local coffee along with the coffee-maker; there's a private, white-sand beach literally outside
your door and lots of vegetation all around (great bird-watching); the water in front is quite shallow -- great for dips and playing around (and safer for kids, I would imagine); there are hammocks and comfortable chairs all around; there are good places
to eat and drink if you choose (Mangos was simple, fresh and tasty); and there is the market right there (new post-Iris, they said) if you choose to save money (!!) by cooking on your own (we did 3 of 5 nights). Also, of course, cooking also means you get to go to local shops and get some sense of the local

...and Bill and Adriane, just like everyone says, are adroable and totally helpful. I e-mailed Adriane a bunch of times before we went, and she always got right back to me and made everything easy (directions, what to bring, stocking the fridge). Once
we arrived they gave us lots of privacy, but also were available and friendly and helpful ... they invited us to play volleyball at a neighbor's house; they drove the
two kayaks (free for use!) over to the lagoon and gave us pointers for a kayak trip that turned out to be wonderful; they arranged snorkeling (with Alberto) with pick-up from the beach right there; they let us
use their gas grill; and they just generally made us feel at home. That's really it: Barnacle Bill's is like having your own little home on the beach!

Also, the price is right, and so are their policies. I really did not like being asked to pay in full in advance (in August, no less) at other establishments. I have never encountered that in the US and it was a turn-off . BB's just asked for a
one-night deposit, which to me seems completely reasonable.

Bill and Adriane are just nice, reasonable people and they give you a great feeling from start to finish. I know I must sound like a commerical, but it really was perfect.

Thanks very much for all the info you put out there!

Best Wishes,

Carolyn Thall
Cambridge, MA

Lan Sluder/Belize First