OK, maybe it is time to move on before this deteriorates or gets any darker. If any of you are interested and want to take the time to look at what transpired here, I think it is a good example of how topics on this board can move away from issues and become personal.
If you go back and read the start of this under “guide training for Goff’s Caye”, I think you will see how an “issue” got started being discussed. My interpretation is that the issue and the opposing views were being debated and then topic turned away from the issue. The first of this is when I referred to the statement “ANYTHING is better than nothing, even if its done backwards according to North American standards” as being irresponsible and shallow thinking and proceeded to give my reasoning. I feel that commenting on a persons words is entirely acceptable. My response was followed with “Wha wha wha, it’s easier to complain and criticize than to get involved in change. Oh, btw, that last comment was directed right at you By warren, in case I wasnt clear enough”. I would have thought the proper response would have been to further attempt to explain her position, i.e. give it more weight, whoops a slip of the tongue, as opposed describing me as complaining. I then gave some more of my reasoning on my thinking only to be told “Enlighten us Bywarren on how you are involved, other than complaining”. There were some light hearted comments and then a diatribe on how she retired younger than me and how old my socks were, although she came here and started a business and that does not meet my definition of retired, and a bio on her involvement along with a short history lesson on Caye Caulker. She also mentioned Steve Schulte as being president of BTIA and living in San Pedro. I did not understand the purpose of that comment unless she was trying to infer that I should talk with Steve which I found to be hilarious as Steve was taking a break from work at the time and, with me, doing some diving and fishing as the guest of another BTIA board member. We were discussing the cruise issue along with other issues effecting Belize. It seems to me that if we all had to meet her criteria of being “involved”, many on this board would not be allowed to have an opinion, unless maybe it was in agreement with hers.

I then decided since we were no longer on the issue of the cruise ships I would quit trying to have a serious discussion and try to have some fun with the Pedro.? topic as I had seen a similar direction that some other topics had taken. Now in the past I have passionatly expressed my views. Some have taken that to be “critical and mean spirited”. I feel it is just spirited debate. There have been references to things like “barns being on fire” etc. Maybe we should keep in mind that saying that starts out “sticks and stones”. Anyway, if any of you took the time to read this you must have as much idle time on your hands as I do.

PS: don’t any of you stop taking shots at me if you are so inclined. I can assure you it won’t “break my bones”. Just be ready for some possible return fire. smile