Wow! I finally did some real traveling throughout the country and what a grand time I had! I was just reading some of the threads about Cayo and it all sounds so familiar now-Santa Elena, Santa familia, Bullett Tree,Cristo Rey,Xunantunich(fabulous), Cahal Pech(incredible), the Botanical Gardens, Duplooy's and so much more. I feel like 3 weeks based out of San Ignacio has really helped me to undersand the surrounding area. Not to mention making a regular trip out of taking the bus from north to south and back north again! I feel like a regular pro! NoW I am home and there are no bus stops I feel like I am missing out on something..or else I just got lazy and dont feel like driving in traffic any more! No I know I am missing the fresh fruit in bags for a dollar...mmmm thats what I miss!
What an experience I tell ya! Man! And Caye Caulker looks better than ever as they keep rebuilding!
I did get violent V and D one night in Hopkins after eating Snapper though, but a resident's natural/herbal remedy tea worked well- my friends brought it back to the house and boiled it specially for me! Funny that is what I was there to study and I got to experience natural healing first hand! Impressive!
The other incredible experience was having a session with Miss Beatrice Waight, a Traditional Healer in Santa Familia. That was amazing!
I will try to get some pictures up shortly.