Ok here's the pix:


Ahhh well I guess I have to admit I was staying away from the board 1)because I got busy at school and 2)after writing about what a nice guy Mr. Shal was, he went and used me as an example in one of his outspoken articles so I was a bit embarased after that! No worries you all probably have no clue which article I am refering to anyways!!!!
So yeah I went back for a whole month! This was not through my school it was through a volunteer organization called the Cornerstone Foundation, a non profit org. I went there in San Ignacio to study Natural Healing! I had the opportunity to meet healers, bush masters, snake doctors and a traditional midwife in practice for 50 years! I actually recieved an international scholarship to attend. It was fantastic and btw I may be headed back to hike Victorias Peak in April!

And GEEE ya gotta love that Spanish Lookout ice cream!!!!!! Mm'mmm Good!