Awww, thanks guys!

T - love you! Thanks for remembering. I'll only admit to 29. Or I could use my mom's reasoning of saying you're 9 years older than you are so you always look great for your age. That would place me at 44. Don't I look FANTASTIC for 44? <wink> Don't work too hard. I hear Di is on her way to help. Good! You need the girl time.

M&M - sorry the kids had to go! I know you hate to see them leave. Did the Belikins help? smile Can't wait for May either. I'll be sending you an email on the whole affair very soon. I think the Massaro contingent changed their minds and are coming along too. Natalie for sure. Hold on to your hats! I'll start tanning next month so I can at least be the color of your behinds. (LOL) LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

All others, I appreciate the b-day wishes. Sure does make me feel loved.

- - -
"Everywhere I turn all the beauty just keeps shaking me." Amy Ray, World Falls