Hi Ga Peach,

Wish I was back in GA right now with the azaelas and all the other flowers in bloom. Nothing like Spring in the South. I am an ex-Georgia native now living in Colorado. Stopped in Winder often on my way back and forth between Atlanta and Athens to see the Dawgs play. Hope you aren't a big Tech fan : )

Anyway, prescription masks are great. I had one until I had lasik a few years ago. There are two options. Buying a mask with drop in lenses is one option. What they do is match as close as possible your prescription to some pre-ground stock lenses. This is good and cost effective if your prescription isn't too bad. A popular mask brand that has this option is TUSA. TUSA makes a great mask and the mask will run $60-$80 then around $35-40 per prescription lense. There are other companies such as Aqua-Lung, Sherwood and Mares that will run about the same price. ( I work part-time in a dive shop so I kinda know the equipment and options)

The other option I had was custom ground lenses in a mask by a company called Seavison http://www.seavisionusa.com Dive shops can often order throught this company for you.

I had a bad astigmatism. The lenses are ground to your prescription/asigmatism/bifocals, etc. If you ever have lasik they can replace the lenses back with stock glass lenses and not have to buy a new mask. This option is a little more expensive say around $160-$180 but the lenses are custom and I was quite pleased. If you go this route don't be alarmed if you put the mask on and things appear blurry. This company also corrects the mask for the fact that objects appear 25% larger and 33% closer underwater.

Let me know if you still need more info and I'll collect on that chopped bbq pork sandwich and some sweet ice tea as it is now lunch time. wink

duh, just re-read your post and you said you were near and far sighted. The pre-ground lenses only come in minus diopters and I can't remember if that is for near or far sighted vision. You might have to go the custom route or you can always wear contacts with a mask. Lots of divers wear contacts.

PS. When are you going to be on Tobacco Caye? Saw you mention it in a previous post. We'll be there first week of May hoping to see the whale sharks.