From Channel 7:

Big Developments Afoot At The Port

It may turn out to be the largest development project in this administration's term of office and the government is pulling out all the stops for the launching of the Belize Cruise Terminal Project at the Port of Belize.

The $60 million project is spearheaded by Carnival Cruise Lines in partnership with Belize Ports Limited.

On Thursday, Carnival's vice-President Giora Israel and Prime Minister Hon. Said Musa will launch the Belize Cruise Terminal Project. Construction is expected to take two years and will see the terminal spread over a 10-acre plot.

Developers say the advantage of this site is that the cruise ships will be able to come right up to the port, eliminating the need for tenders and time it takes to shuttle them back and forth. With this project carnival has made a commitment to send ships to Belize for 20 years. Government expects the construction and terminal itself to create over a thousand jobs.

But how does all this fare for the Fort Point Tourism Village owners who thought they had an exclusive contract to disembark all cruise visitors in the Belize district? Well, Royal Caribbean Cruise line and Diamonds International may still sue the government for breach of contract, but those we spoke to say its unlikely.