I'm liking your style W5play! If you REALLY want to get away from it all, and this really IS a rough trip, I KNOW I did it, try Glovers Reef (the Lamonts - if you are at all interested I can find the contact for it). There is No nothing there! Literally 9 acres of rough coral and some scruffy cabanas. That's the fun of it. You get a cabana, I suggest the two story ones. Don't get excited. The first story is your kitchen. That way, you sleep away from the sand fleas. The kitchen is fitted out with a butane burner, and jugs of water and greasy old pans (washing them in the sea water does a fine job of cleaning them up, trust me - there is no running water). That's it. You bring in your own stuff, or buy from them at their somewhat, not terribly, elevated prices. But, there is not much to buy, so come prepared. Or, you can fish, which we did. You sign on for a week. You take a boat from Sittee River that is reminescent of the African Queen, and a whole lot slower. Figure a six hour trip, minimum! If you dive, it is supreme. If not, it really is a trip back in time. Did I mention, the toilet is down the lane? The best part, a compatriotism between all the people who ended up there, not nearly expecting it to be as rough as it was. I'm a good cook, so we became sort of party central, and it was really fun. Am I up to it again? One day. But the comforts of Ambergris do call. When we came back to Ambergris, my husband and I were fighting for the shower (remember..no running water there.....we gave in and showered together!) We went, about four years ago, and it, boat ride included, was $140.00US a week for us both, boat rides included. No, that was not a typo error. Really, $140 a week for a couple. I'm sure it's gone up some, but I can't imagine much.

By the way......you obviously are a world traveler, have you been to Fiji. Try the Castaway Resort there.....wonderful place!