you called? seashell, since I have been written off as a 'troll' (if I am a troll may I please be the one from the Billy Goats Gruff story?)..I was not going to add to this but since you asked and since my accountant has not nagged me enough today..I'd say that I am in agreement with sweetjane here..I would be inclined to take it a step further and legalise all drugs, implement controls on them and tax them..Personally I think a society should treat all mind alterning substances which are harmful, equally. Nicotine is a nasty drug and you don't even get a pleasant hit from it, it is associated with more deaths than all of the other drugs put together and there seems to be very little moral angst amongst goverments about making tax from it..So, my view is you make them all legal, control their distribution and tax them or you make them all for being high on life...if you can find ways to make yourself really happy you definitely have enough chemicals in your body to get you as high as any illegal for finding pleasure in the pronuciation of my that is something I haven't suffered from since I was in primary school..but their nicknames were far more intelligent and creative..
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