The subject has not come up for discussion at any of our meetings, other than a report of a casino being built across from Banyan Bay. The Chamber has not taken a position on casinos. It is somewhat difficult to take a negative position on a legal, licensed business, but that would be a group decison if it became needed or necessary.

Personally I had not found places like Harry's casino (when it was a real casino) much more than another tourist attraction, or another place for locals to gather.

As always, slot machines, particularly ours which are not really regulated or monitered, suck money from the poor. I have had a few friends who sadly wandered down that path of addiction.

Although gambling is commonly associated with rising crime, personally I feel the drugs on the island have much more of a crime impact on our island. The casino in Belize City seems to be well managed, and restricts most of the poor from even entering. The local Boleto? (lottery) does a great job of taxing the poor, and taking their hard-earned cash. All of these things are handled at a central government level, and not much can be done about it by anyone local.