Malibu, no, we don't make our own dog food, other than what's left over from dinner. They do get all the scraps, especially vegtables and meat.

Believe it or not, we have been getting the best results lately from the Walmart brand, Ole Roy. It is available in low and high protein. This feed has given us the best health, coat and weight management of anything we have found. Been raising dogs for over 30 years BTW. Hardworking hunting dogs, not couch potatoes (except for one female Golden who is most definately a couch potatoe). The vet always comment on their health and can't believe it when we tell him what they eat. Of course, the vet pushes Eukanuba, which is right there with Science Diet IMHO.

My second choice is Field Trial. Another very good feed for a reasonable price.

Used to be a fan of Purina, but we had several dogs develop cancer at early ages so gave it up. I don't know, but we hadn't had any more trouble like that in a few years.