Katie Valk sent me this info on new and changed AA flights. Don't know if she has posted this here, but anyway here is the information:

--Lan Sluder


New American flights, good and bad news, starting July 3 and running til August 17. Word here is, after Aug 17, American will go back to one flight daily and this will be the schedule. Not good for any out district hotels, as passengers will have to be at the airport 2 hrs ahead of the 7:45 am departure for flights from BZ to Miami and passengers arriving in Belize will not be able to catch connecting domestic flights out of Intl. Very good for Belize City hotels.

Bz-Miami 7:45am/11:52am

Miami-Bz 5pm/5:12pm

Starting July 3

Lan Sluder/Belize First