Some of you may have noticed a lack in postings by me lately and some of you may not. In either case I am letting you now that my postings have been monitored silently/no response or acknowledgement that they have read what I had written and then used that information in a way that has caused me some difficulty. I will be very careful in the future as to what I post but will continue to use this venue as I think it is a good one. It is too bad that some people think that they have to be subversive and not contact people immediately if they think there is a possible problem.
I do enjoy coming to the board often and reading what others have to say. If I think there is a problem I let them know with a response.
Ambergris Caye and Exotic Caye Beach Resort (formerly Hotel Playador)is a second home for both my husband and myself and enjoy the time we spend in our condo and with friends and family when we are there. It certainly is a piece of paradise.
Kat/Tuki Tuki