OK, please forgive me in advance for this question, but I understand the differences between a resort up north and the relative convenience of southern spots. But maybe I can pinpoint my quest for advice a bit more:
I would like to mainly relax, but I like to sit on the beach and swim a bit (ocean and pool). I would like to be able to go out for a casual local lunch/dinner, or get some simple groceries for a simple meal at "home". As well, I could go for a drink or three on a couple evenings at a local bar (and catch the last water taxi?). I was wondering if anyone had experience/opinions regarding the above mentioned (title) places. I understand I'll rely on water taxis for one, and the other is much smaller and not as luxurious inside, but has a beach and proximity. I want quiet too, day and night. Is this even an issue in mid-October? Wow, what a pain I am. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.