Malibu, thanks for the questions, all valid. First, we are organizeded under the "TEXAS UNIFORM UNINCORPORATED NONPROFIT ACT". I am listed as the Registered
Agent of the Association with the state. We are in the process of applying for Tax Excempt
Status from the IRS. Our first meeting was held at Papa's On The Lake at Lake Conroe, Texas in June 2003. It started out as just a reason to get some of the people who love SP together and have a PARTEE. Near the end of the PARTEE, one of the ladies (a sweet potato queen from SP) had a silver pendant made by a local San Pedro artist. We decided (since everyone had consumed vast amounts of rum) to auction it off along with the banner we had made for the PARTEE, raised about $700 and donated it to The Lions Club of SP.

We had so much fun, we started planning the next PARTEE that same day and to get serious about raising some serious money.

May 7-8 & 9th, 2004 we held the 2nd annuall Partee at Papa's on the lake. We auctioned off week's stay at several resorts in Sp, Banana Beach, Caribe Island Resort, a private home, round trip air fare for two from Continental Air Lines, Air fare on Tropic and Maya Island for two to SP from BZE, bar tabs and dinners from several business on the island. I'm not going to list all of them as I may leave someone out and then have to pay the price !

Plans for this coming years fund raising are still being planned, but our goal is $50,000 for the kitchen/lunchroom. We are developing a web page to try to make this a country wide effort with members and supporters across the country. Most said we couldn't meet our modest goal (compared to this years goal) last year. With the support of a small but generous group, we did!

I have placed the money we raised last year in a C.D. as we could not get the lunch program up and running in time. It will go into thsi years effort. I will not release the funds all at once as they somehow get diluted along the way. As progress is made, funds will be approved for specific needs. All funds are ear marked by the membership, not any one individual.

We have approxamatly 25 active members in good standing. Our goal for next year is 150 members, so, you can see the need for the web page and national membership drive.

It appears, at first blush, the PARTEE will again be held at Lake Conroe, complete with a Texas BBQ, sunset crusise, etc,etc.

I think I addressed all your questions, if I didn't let me know.

PS: As noted, I am not a speller!

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