HEY, Received the first membership due's for 2004/2005 from HIZ HONER, Denny Shane ! Thanks Denny! Now it;s time for the rest of you to get YOUR checks in the mail.We are looking for 150 members this yeat to support the lunch room project for the kid's in San Pedro.

Let me ask you this, if you have or had a child in elementry school who had to walk anywhere up to 3-4 miles to get to school, then had to walk home and back again for lunch, would you be happy about that? In addition, some of thoes kid's receive only sugar water for lunch because that's all they have. I know your answer, the same as mine. We will build that lunch room AND FEED thoes kid's who cannot afford a balanced meal! But, we can't do that without YOUR support. PLEASE, get that check in the mail today. We have a long hard road ahead of us but with your support, we will reach our goal of $50,000.


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