All right - just in from a very loooong day -
1) Your Honor - don't let 'em get to ya - you are NOT the booby prize, nor the chi-chi prize (although I must confess I'm not sure exactly what that is!) And while I have no floozy dress and am not a hot tub fan - I'm sure a date w/ you would be just quite fun - I don't consider you a leech (your what I am sure fine healing properties aside) - or even a lech for that matter. However, as fine as a date with you would be - I'm still hoping for a week at a nice place in SP. Surely you can't hold that against me! Who knows I'm still thinkin' maybe you'll be able to come along and carry the luggage! wink
2) Lock shortage? As a bald friend of mine once said: "All men are created with basically the same amount of hormones - if you want to use yours to grow hair - that's your business!"
3) klcdude- I know you are staying away from those walmarts!