Hi E, No lawyer needed here. Nice to be missed, but I spend a good chunk of each day arguing with knuckleheads and this board was a place for fun - re-living the fun of SP and looking forward to the next time. The posts started being not so fun, so I skipped out. Checking in on the last few posts today looks like things haven't changed much. I'll wait it out for a couple of weeks and hopefully this will return to being a board about Belize and the bunch of wierdos who love it, with the occassional good-natured razzing and not the same generally worthless political arguments present on so many other boards. :rolleyes:

I'm off to San Francisco for the weekend. Looking forward to a view of the Pacific, the theater, my fill of the best sourdough bread in the world, and a great dinner w/ friends. smile On Sunday Hubby's gonna watch his beloved 49ers get their butts kicked yet again this season and I'll be off to people watch.

Hello also to Your Honor, klcdude (you little joiner, you!), Sam, Fluffy, et al. Maybe next week! wink

P.S. E, working on the paperwork for SPSC. Just a few fill in the blanks left.