First of all I would like to say We enjoyed meeting the board members we met on SP. We enjoyed our time on the island very much. Ali(from canucks) was the best fishing partner Mario was cool to hang out with he was very quiet on the fishing trip it was hard to believe he was in a band ( Punta Boys )

The Palms was the best it was like staying in someones home. The night watch man ( cant remember his name ) was cool as hell. On one drunk one berral and water night he saw me cleaning a coconut on the dock and came out and helped this drunk ole cajun so i could come home with all my fingers and then climed a tree and got us two more to try drinking from. It was great that night but in the morning the coconut gods had there revenge.

I really didnt care for ether belikin or belikin preimum but light hopuse was ok. One barrel and water with a twist of lime is good stuff.

Chalky ( I know that is most likely not how you spell his name ) from Ocean Adventures was the coolest guide I have went out with even though the boat broke down while we were out and I had to fix it. It was still cool and we went back out with him the next day. He was a very profesional guide and my wife felt very safe out on the reef with him there.

BC's on sunday was cool we had a great time and plan to return again. The people were as nice as everyone said and more there is some we met that we will never forget

----------- now the things we didnt like ------

the cost of living was very high and that led us to decide against looking at property in SP

the part that kinda hurt my feelings a little was when we went through the cut to the back side of the island and saw how the locals live back there it was the poorest sight i have ever seen ( no disrespect intended )

the venders were one thing that i didnt like it made us feel like we had to be assholes to them to get them to leave us alone. ( we bought some necklaces from the young cpl just down the beach from the palms and had a custom necklace made by the guy on the corner right infront of the food stalls in town )

the offers for drugs were a little crazy I thought it was strange that the only time I saw a police man was at the chicken drop ( which was cool too )

All in all we had a great time and will be back to visit but not to live what i have said here is only our view once again EVERYBODY we came in contact with were wounderful people and we felt welcome fron the time we hit the island untill the time we left

J D and Dianne Tremblay

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