Maybe I didn't stay away long enough. I honestly thought I could stay away for awhile, come back and find things a bit different. Nothing has changed.

It simply amazes me, and it shouldn't, that so many people get so empowered when you put them in back of a keyboard... almost anonymous as it were.

There are a few threads on here where I could have presented this post... I didn't want to seem as if I were taking sides... hence my own post... and you know what? I could care less if anyone replies or comments. I simply want to get it off my chest.

I am really [#%!] tired of coming on here and seeing, supposedly intelligent people taking cheap pot shots and hurling low-life insults at other people. Is this fun to you? Do you live your life "in the real world" like this as well? I doubt it, because in my world, you'd get your lights knocked out... quickly.

Is there something lacking in your life? I can answer that... yes, there is... it's commonly refered to as self-respect. I honestly don't know how Marty puts up with it. I don't have to spell it out... I think anyone reading this has enough intelligence to know exactly what I am talking about.

Many people come to this section of the board to get a different flavor as to island life. Many make the same mistake and think we are all residents of the island. Someone commented to me last night "is this the type of person(s) we risk meeting down there on AC?" then they added, "maybe we should re-think Jamaica..." How sad...

It's confusing for a lot of people that come on here... in one thread they're reading about raising money for the school kids and how we need their help... the next thread is chuck full of insults, flying back and forth.

Before someone thinks it cute to jump all over me and point out my graphic adjective up above... I'm sorry. People that know me, know that I don't normally use language like that... however, sometimes you just have to force peoples eyes open to read or hear the message.

So make all the wise cracks you want... my shoulders are very broad...

Hey! Have a nice day. eek