This is starting to sound like a country & western song, but I'm trying to get into a Texas mood. I was joking around with a friend today as my yard sale was ending. We were discussing different pronunciations of "Ambergris Caye" and I know how it is pronounced in AC, but I naturally say it with a French accent.

Plus I was really getting into the limerix that were coming before the trains of thought were derailed (positively) on the other post.

And I must pass on some information recently gleaned. I thought, after his bathing suit appearance, that our RG had been kidnapped by dominatrixies, into the underworld sex slave trade controlled by tall women seeking handsome rich young Canadian men.

Or perhaps drowned by a trout (I had confessed to him my secret fishing spots).

He sends his best from LA Intl.

There was a young man from Toronto
who showed his whole enterunto
in a parachute green
he left nothing unseen
and klc or db will respond to....

this fun, and come on everyone, the board's slowing down, WAIKEE WAIKEE! And it ain't about RG!! BTW Monty Python's entire conception is based on limericks at Oxford.

RG WILL SLAY ME (no he won't, he's a great sport and caught lots of fish once he let me paddle the canoe ...)

He sends his best. He didn't know I would do this. Forgive me RG..teehee..

Girls, let's make a boring Sunday get going. Boys, be your usual selves. We'll still love'yas. Innuendo is the backbone of this board and I love seeing the subtlety of all you clever and tactful folks.