immissing I have lived with Belizeans for many years before I even came to Belize. I know Belizean people here who are worth millions yet they appear poor when you look at them. Some even ride an old bicycle around and do not have a car, it is values nothing more.

Do not be deceived by appearances. I really know this culture better than most gringo's and have been fully accepted amongst the locals wherever I have lived here so far.

In order to fully understand the culture you have to live under the skin of the country and stop thinking like a gringo.

I have been down to my last 20 cents once after being robbed of a substantial amount of money. It was the locals who gave me the confidence to fight my way back.

The Belizean people are a wonderful people, my wife is one such example. Unassuming and not boastful unlike myself. Living life to the full yet caring about others.