I didn't think you were putting them down, JD. My daughter said almost the very same thing you said, when she first visited the island. Now, she says they are far richer than we are in that they know how to be comfortable with themselves, and that isn't improved by getting all of the "stuff" that we have. We arent' rich by US standards, either, but we have waaaayyyy too much stuff, and by lightening the load, we are getting to enjoy each other instead of the stuff. I don't think it is for every one, tho...and the fact that you recognize that you wouldn't be inspired to live there doesn't reflect on anything other than the fact you know yourself and what you are capable of. Not all of us are that fortunate. We have to try it for a while to determine if we will like it, and if it doesn't work, it's back home, with the newfound knowledge that you already have.

Live so that when you arise in the A.M, Satan shudders & says..
'Oh sh t..she's awake!'