This week, my dears, I (so, so proudly) announce that I am working the chipwagon for the Mopar Internationals (INRA) at Grand Bend Ontario. Let me first describe my facility (chipper) to you. I have a large charbroiler (bbq). I have a flat top (like a cast iron frying pan but huge) and I have deep fryers. At this event, I am working mostly "the pits" where guys service their cars that are in the competition. But I will attempt to serve about 1000 people a day (mostly guys, mostly single, YES my wardrobe is ready!).

I was hoping to vary my menu a bit, not just burgers,hot dogs, footlongs, chicken & fishburgers. So I am looking for variations on a)my existing stuff, for eg. cheesy chili fries and b)new stuff you folks have had in fast food/carnival food that impressed you. I only have three days to plan. And then I am into the thick of things, and wondering which room I can use to store all my money.

The "joint" (carny-talk for game/food concession) next to me sells fajitas and Philly steaks so despite all the recipes and encouragement from dear Denny, Philly steak expert extraordinaire, I shan't be stepping on her toes THIS year.

I am the only joint with REAL fries - everyone else is frozen. Yeah!! and thanx ahead of time all contributors. There's a burger in it for ya!

So, toppings for fries, unusual burgers etc. is what I am looking/dying for. Oooh my nerves are fried, my to-do lists are long! Love y'all!