I am surrounded by dessert "joints" caramel corn, candy apples, cinnamon buns, so dessert is not my problem. Plus, you need fresh, fresh oil (no previous use) to do Mars bars etc., but love ya for suggesting!

Warren, you old coot. Going to play in the BHL ol'timers???

Reaper, still high, eh? Am going to do chicken wings with my FAVOURITE combo: 1/2 run for the lake hot sauce, one half honey garlic. It is so GOOD!

And Reaper, they are not tanked at 11:00 a.m. But I am also right next to the beer garden, so imagine I'll be going late!

Will do a pita with a grilled chicken breast sliced, as ckocian and sev suggested. Thanx 1,000,000, sweeties!