Some ideas (maybe not good one) I came up with:


Belize Burrito or The Mopar Wrap; homefries, eggs, refried beans, breakfast sausage, cheese and salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla. Easy to handle.


Hot Sausage Sandwhich. We used to drive to Syracuse for the NY State fair, just for the sausage sandwhiches. Lots of onions and grease!!! Yumm....

Chili Dog!

That's what I used to buy at the fair.

How about Putin from Quebec, may work good with your fries and adding chili really kicks it up a notch - BAM! Oh, now everyone will know who I am!!!

The fast food joints here on the island make these killer burritos. They keep em' skinny for easy handling but stuff em' with marinated flank steak and grilled unions and cheese. Onions soaked in vinegar and habanero makes a killer relish.

Iced Tea with fresh mint leaves - refreshing!

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