Oh my! Perhaps you came to the race Marge and I was in the ajoining ancient Winnebago either slitting my throat or tearing my hair out!!!!

Had a few PROBLEMS to iron out (generators, water supply, one hundred oversexed men) but... I SURVIVED and will live to entertain y'all further after I make up for SIXTEEN hours sleep in four days!!!! And it sure as hell wasn't the men that kept me up!

I can still say confidently that I am a born-again virgin. After the exhaust fan in the chipper QUIT, our temperature in there was in excess of 120 for SIX hours. I actually became disoriented in the middle of an order of SIX footlongs and five burgers, and threw ALL the cheese OUT the window!

Hamburger, NO cheeseburger!!! COKE (sponsor), no [email protected]!!