AP wire>Hollywood, California...Today shareholders of the BHL were informed that all promised investments from the "Central American Millionaires Only" seminar were diverted to Panama. They invested huge amounts of working capital into the wood burning stove and portable space heater market. BHL exalted ruler Reaper G. Reaper announced the upcoming season has been cancelled. BHL filed for Chapter 11 protection under California law. The "Governator" will review the case as soon as he gets back from lobbying Warren Buffet for a loan for the state. The BHL is lobbying Jimmy Buffet for a loan. The BHL is willing to negotiate and rename the BHL the "Parrothead HoCaye League". The "Lord Marley Cup" will remain a BHL trademark. All employees of the BHL will be kept on the payroll for another 10 minutes. The zamboni, skate sharpener and team busses are for lease. The BHL Queen remains a BHL trademark also. Just another gringo in Belize! cool