Glad to hear you had a good time in Caye Caulker...

It is always a challenge to navigate the "drunken water taxi shuffle", you learned a good lesson. Here is some advice so others can avoid this pleasant diversion if they choose to:

- Ask where the boat is going, either the captain, the mate or other passengers are sure to know.
- If the boat came from the north, it is going south (to Belize City) and vice versa.
- If lots of people get off in Caye Caulker with bags, it means they are coming from the city, get on that boat.
- And even if the boat starts going in the wrong direction, SPEAK UP! Just blame it on your drunkeness... no big deal. They will either turn around back to the water taxi dock or drop you at the next convenient dock.

Glad you had fun, hopefully you can come back and spend some time with us on Caye Caulker.