Hi Katy - just for info's sake -
Historically speaking the Essenes are a sect of Judaism, not Christianity. The beginning of the Essene sect can be traced back about 500 years before Jesus. They wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. They lived aesthetic lives, were communal and followed a strong male leader. They believed a messiah would come. Later on, they believe a messiah did come. This messiah is known by Christians as John the Baptist. The Essenes were deeply into health and "health foods" of the day, much like Jews who kept Kosher then (kosher rules were fantastic survival tools under conditions 2,000 years ago) and today.
the Essene sect believed that by living a devoted (also harsh)and simple life on earth they would inherit endless delights in the aferlife.

I know that the comparative religion lecture above has nothing to do with Buf Steak, so to correct this transgression I'll share that I've eaten "Buff" on several occasions, and have found the filet mignon cut quite tasty. Water buffalo are indeed lovely to watch - they also can be agressive and dangerous. Don't let the cuddly exterior fool you - they are big, strong and like all of us, prone to bad days that can cause injury to others. Rule of thumb - if an animal is bigger than you are, be very careful in it's company.