Not to be nit picky here, but beefalo is a cross between the American bison and a cow in the attempt to add a little more flavor to the meat.

I eat the water buffalo at Maruba and eat the bison often when in South Dakota. We are close to indian reservations in South Dakota that raise them for the meat. In my opinion, both are very lean and therefore healthy. Buffalo meat in SD is about half again as much in price and has about half the flavor of a good beef steak, IMHO. The added cost and less flavor is why it has not been extremely successful for those raising it. It is still hard to beat a nice fatty beef steak for flavor.

There are just not enough of you willing to lead the "harsh" life like me, living on the beach and eating healthy. laugh Now for you that have graced me with your presence at one of my BBQ's, we can keep a little secret about the healthy part, right? wink

PS: for those of you who have met Capt Jeff, he used to weigh 160lbs and did mens underware commercials before he met me and came to my BBQ. laugh

And if anyone is reading this that raises buffalo, I should say that I have eaten declicious buffalo meat - wrapped in bacon and swiming in bearnaise sauce.