Hello Tina

I am sympathetic to your loss. However, when you live in a third world
country life does not carry the same value as it does in so called first
world countries.

I am extremely grateful that Dr. Sheila Schmelling provides this island
with adequate vetinary care.

Only a few short years ago the kindest way to treat an ailing pet was to
put a bullet to its temple and pull the trigger!

I am sorry that you were not happy with the $35 Bze service that your
received, but please don't try a "boycott" scenario after so many people
have worked so many years to achieve basic and affordable vetinary care
to the island.

So, do you plan to simply black ball the one qualified and licensed vet
that is willing to come to the island each week, or you want to have her
license pulled too? Will you be finding a suitable qualified
replacement vet to fill the vacancy and shall you be subsidising the
vet's expenses?

Sheila does not have the best bedside manner, but in most traumatic
situations the doctor doesn't have the time and energy to give you
comfort whilst they are attempting life-saving technics each day without
the benenfit of a fully equipped clinic and laboratory.

Yours sincerely

Amanda Syme

Hello Tina

You had asked about some Sheila stories. Mine is quite short and
straight to the point.

Last month I had both of my dogs - local potlickers - put to sleep.
Jody was 10 years old and Heidi was 12. They were old, and tired, a
little arthritic,losing their eyesight and to top it off they were
getting cranky and snappy. It broke my heart to come to the decision to
go to Sheila to be put out of their pain. I am so thankful that there
is a place here on the island where our beloved pets can be humanely
euthanized. When I think of what the alternatives are ..... I can't
even bear to think of the choices.

Sheila was quite professional and business like until she saw that I was
quite distressed. She gave me some compassionate words, reconfirmed to
me that I was making the right decision and even passed me a tissue.

She did not hug me and give me a shoulder to cry on, she didn't listen
to be going on about all of the cute stories I have about my dogs.

She did her business and moved on.

What do we want? A vet or a shrink?

It is up to us to have our own moral support systems, it really isn't
Sheila's job.

Not everybody is sweetness and light here on our beautiful island. Some
people are not in the tourist business and some people just get along
better with animals.

Of course, there are choices, we can go to Belize City to Dr. DeShield
if we are not happy with the care that Saga is providing us. But to some
cost is also an issue.

That was my Sheila story.