FYI Tina there are at least 2 retired resident vets on the island and at least 3 visting vets that are here for months at a time.

Perhaps you need to be more persistent when your gut is telling you that you need more attention to a matter. You do need to take matters into your own hands here - even when you have professionals available. Everybody is overworked and underpaid - and most professionals are also cost conscience to the point of not recommending too many tests when they feel that the syptoms are "text book."

Misdiagnosis happen all of the time, everywhere in the world - follow your gut instinct and next time also get a second opinion when you feel it is necessary.

I got a new puppy - pot licker again. She is just adorable. Of course when you adopt an island dog you never really know what you're getting!

I wish you a long and enjoyable life with your new pet.