Rumours of my Disappearance greatly Exaggerated...

No there is no (abnormal) political turmoil in Belize (CNN get a life!) and tho’ I am probably a dissident of sorts, no, I have not been “disappeared”… ;-)

In another time, in a forum far, far away, Lan Sluder ( ) sed> Wonder what happened to Miss Lena. She was a big-time poster for a while on all the boards, then sort of disappeared. Par for the course in Belize, of course.

“Big-Time?” Wow, thanks Lan!

Not *quite* par for Bz, of course. ;-) I’m a pit bull, and I DO NOT give up. (I just find it hard to talk (er, write) with a mouth full of someone’s leg…)

Nope, I’ve been plugging away in Maya Centre Village.

We’ve had delays, set-backs, hold-ups, diseases, schedule-slips, and administrative, engineering, marketing, and financial and scheduling problems, but the enterprise ( ) is still going, and is currently building houses and is expected to go positive-cash-flow in the next couple months. (If you might be interested in making a small investment, send me a message using the Contact Form on

And in about 2 weeks I fly into Texas to begin my third drive down (wanna come? I’m serious! I need a co-driver).

(BTW, I now have a house just for visitors… ;-)

And a long, long time ago another reader sed> Hey Miss Lena, you've left the gringas in Mexico. What happens at the border?

…referring to the sad state of the unfinished tale “The Two Gringas Do It Again!” (at //;f=8;t=000242 ).

Hey, I feel bad for just dropping things like that. Believe it or not I still intend to finish the story (only 1-1/2 years late but hey, Belize Time, you know?). And as I said, I’m about to start drive #3. (I’m serious, look me up, I need a driver!)

I have gone through the old postings and updated email, web links, etc. I’m working on a new website to be loaded at , but I don’t want to promise when that’ll be ready because, well, you know, Belize Time…

...I guess I just got real “nose to the grindstone” and kinda forgot how much fun y’all are!


P.S. Wanna come along?

P.P.S. If someone makes a US $2000 investment in the Company then we can get satellite installed in Maya Centre (where we don't even have proper phones!) Then perhaps I could find more time to post...hey, maybe y'all should take a collection! ;-)

MissLena is Galena Alyson Canada
Her Forum email is [email protected]