I suspect that the "Friendship" that Choochoo refers to is a great one... Divorced and pennyless, early on Jimmy hung out in Key West with JJW for a year or so.... Picture easing Jerrys big old Packard car up A1A in Florida stopping at plenty of bars and eaterys, slurp a few oysters and ....lots of tourists eh?? Margaritaville anyone ??....A great kick off to a career eh??
I have all of Buffets stuff.. If you are a sailor you understand....He got it.
I caught Jerry at a benefit concert many years ago at Ramones...A local fisherman had fell over board and needed some real medical help....
It was a privilege to hear him in person (He even auctioned off his hat to raise $)
So even if Jimmy has my head, Jerry has the heart..They are 2 of the very best